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NOTE: The purchased royalty free albums do not require any accreditation!

Things you can do with this music:

How do you accredit the music?

Simple: Just include the following accreditation in your project:

Music by

Rick Clarke

(RickVanMan on YouTube)

If you have used multiple peices of my music, or have included other music in your project, then use the following accreditation:


(name of music peice 1 used)

(name of music peice 2 used) etc

By Rick Clarke

(RickVanMan on YouTube)

The accreditation / attribution is usually placed in the credits at the end of a video or in the video notes area if on You Tube etc.

Things you Can’t do with this music :

**creative project = a video, movie, podcast, website or other project where the music is an integral part of the overall project, and is not the main focus or subject of the project.

The copyright of this music remains the property of Rick Clarke.

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